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Guardian Connect provides a cost effective and unified mobile based platform for highly efficient, auditable, and secure HIPPA compliant mobile communication among healthcare personal across health care setting and device platforms. This APP provides a single communication platform for

  • Free downloadable Android and iPhone APP
  • Secure Encrypted, HIPAA Compliant texting, Communications App using Patent Pending Technology
  • Instant Access to Patient Master Chart
  • "Connect on Call" – Communicate with the On Call provider using secure texting and phone
  • "Individual Messaging" – Direct Instant Message Hospitalists and other Treating Providers
  • "Video Chat" – Secure Video Consult with any Provider in the network
  • Guardian Connect Secure Video Consult App
  • Virtual Phone Directory of all Hospitalist and Treating Providers in the Network and hospital providers
  • Enhances Transitions of Care and follow-up program
  • Traceable communications through an Audit Trail
  • Message Read Receipt with Time Stamp

GuardianConnect Answering Services

The GuardianConnect Answering Service is now live and operational. This platform offers live answering service personnel, integrating all calls with the web-portal and GuardianConnect mobile APP. This service provides you with a reliable, efficient, error free, and auditable platform that facilitates full documentation of calls in a cost efficient clinically integrated environment.

  • GuardianConnect is a HIPAA Compliant Live answering service with the capability to sort emergency and non-emergency messages and deliver it to the appropriate staff and office workflow.
    • Secured & Encrypted Messaging
    • Password Protected Inboxes
    • SSL/AES Encryption
    • Read Receipt with Auditable Message Log
    • No Data Leakage
  • Provides a Secure Mobile App for access via Phones 24/7.
    • Users have to enter a unique ID and password to access the app.
    • Every time a user tries to access any page containing PHI, a PIN number is required.
  • Manages all on-call schedules and coverage at one place.
  • Provides a Message Log with Search Filters for practice managers to track and monitor calls.
    • Allows the user to access the log of all messages/calls with text and audio content.
    • Messages can be searched based on various search parameters from the permanent log. There is an audit trail on every permanent log.
    • Easily distinct messages, all unread messages are in bold.
    • Received and Sent messages can be viewed separately. Each message is time stamped when the message was delivered and opened.

GuardianConnect Services

  • Decreases Call Load to the Front Desk.
  • Reduces Physician reach time significantly with an Increase in Patient satisfaction.
  • Increases Access to ACO stakeholders
    • Hospitalists
    • Guardian Care Manager
    • Network Providers

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